31 de diciembre de 2007

Clan Balache en el magazine alemán "PopNoise"

In the 80ies and early 90ies there was a small but distinguished magazine in Germany for independent music, called 'PopNoise'. Started as 'Schweinepest' (Swine Fever) followed later by 'Cabeza Cuadra' (Square Head) then finally mutated to it's most important manifestation 'PopNoise'.

'PopNoise' represents the fresh and unspend indepentent music zeitgeist of that time. From Post Punk to Rockabilly, from Gothic to 'Class of 86', from Hip Hop to the precursors of Grunge.

A 'revival web site' can be found at http://www.popnoise.de/ all wrapped up in PopNoise's unforgotten pinking shear look and containing scanned PDF-versions of all PopNoise issues.

Clan Balache participa en la reciente edición del nuevo año 2008 (tranks Mathias for your support)

Puede leerse (en alemán) o escucharse en :
PopNoise Nro 6

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